To our audience, On The Water is a community in which they are members. They read the magazine, watch the television show, check the weekly online Fishing Forecast, participate in the Striper Cup, and share their photos and feedback on Facebook or in person at one of the 30-plus sportsman and boat shows we attend every year.

There’s a real connection we’ve created through the constant dialogue we have with the Northeast fishing community. They let us know what they want, we welcome their feedback, and we deliver what they ask for. It’s a relationship that can’t be faked.


  • 99% Male
  • Average Age 51
  • 76% Attended College
  • $143,681 Average HHI
  • $1.34m Average HHNW
  • 90% Own a truck or SUV
  • 85% Own at least one boat

  • 68% fish in BOTH salt & fresh water
  • 67% are either involved in offshore fishing or plan to try it
  • 54% bought their boats new
  • 47% keep their boats in the water during the boating season

  • The Northeast is the most affluent coastal region in America
  • Anglers in the region spend $1.17 billion annually on fishing tackle
  • Northeast anglers spend $3.8 billion each year on fishing trip expenditures