On The Water’s Angling Adventures takes viewers to Northeast destinations, avoiding “fishing show” gimmicks and letting the fish, the fishing, and the journey speak for themselves. On The Water‘s high-quality editorial content comes to life, taking viewers to local destinations they can actually fish and introducing them to adventures beyond the fishing. Every episode leaves viewers saying, “I have to do that.”
  • Reaches 4.7 million homes on Comcast Sportsnet New England
  • Airs in 9 DMA’s in New England, including 3 of the top 50 of the Country (Boston, Hartford and Providence)
  • Highest-rated outdoor show in the region for the last 10 years among men ages 25-54.
  • Averages more than double the ratings of national outdoor programming
  • Available nationwide on DirecTV

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  • Sight Casting Bass & Blues
  • Cape Cod Kettle Pond Trout
  • Canyon Swordfish
  • Fly-Fishing The Farmington
  • Nantucket Shoals FLuke
  • Boston Harbor Blitz
  • Lake Ontario Salmon
  • Offshore Tilefishing
  • Giant Bluefin Tuna
  • Trout Town, USA